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Brandon M Gelderman

Professional Landscape Designer

Professional Landscape Designer

Brandon M Gelderman - Professional Landscape Designer - Serving People.

Brandon's roots go back to 1955 when his grandfather started a business in the landscaping profession. His father also had his own business where he observed and learned a lot from a young age. At age 7 he started cutting grass for his neighbors and shoveling snow in the winter time caring for their properties.

Over the last 27 years of his life, he has been involved in the landscape profession starting with gardens, cutting grass and maintaining properties in southern Ontario. For 17 years now he has been designing landscapes of all sizes ranging in price from under 500 dollars to over 500k. 

After he mastered maintaining the properties he moved on to enhancing them and then grew into constructing and leading small & large teams of people to complete the projects. Once he mastered all of the areas in the building and maintaining he moved on to designing full-scale properties. Residential, Estate, Multi-housing Units, Apartment Building, Commercial and Industrial Properties.

The properties he has designed are all over Ontario with many award winning designs.

He has taken a masters class from John Brookes a master garden designer from the UK and Fanshawe College for The Advanced Landscape Design Diploma, Sketch Up Pro for Landscape Design learning from Daniel Tal and Gaia College. He is a member of the Landscape Ontario Designers Sector Group with Landscape Architects and Landscape Designers. He Studied landscape and architecture in Italy for a semester and Chicago. He also is the Chair and Coordinator of the landscape design competition for skills Canada and helps with Canada Blooms in Toronto. His Philosophy is to take each individual property and make it a little better to enhance the environment and the lives of people that are served.

From experience, over the years he has gone on to share his knowledge teaching Landscape Design at Humber College and Mohawk College.

In 2011 he started a freelance design firm that has been growing each year serving Homeowners, Landscape Contractors, Landscape Designers, Architects, Engineers and Pool Companies.

Brandon is passionate and very honest in helping you improve your property to fit your lifestyle.

Design Team

Boyan Shen

Landscape Designer

Blessed with an artistic eye, a passion for design, and extensive hands-on experience, Boyan has been in the landscaping industry over 10 years. Since graduating from Beijing Forestry University in 2007 with a B.S. in Urban Planning, his knowledge and experience in the landscape industry continues to grow. After he got a two-year diploma as a landscape technician from Niagara College, he began working for Gelderlands. He specializes in creating custom residential and commercial landscape designs in all sizes from small garden layouts to large property master plans.

Zhuo Wan

Landscape Designer

Always focusing on aesthetics, function and details of a landscape design, Zhuo is making progress everyday. Zhuo achieved his Bachelor's Degree of Landscape Architecture from Hunan University in 2013. He then continued to learn the knowledge of being a Landscape Technician from Niagara College. He started to work for Gelderlands after his graduation. With his 7 years experience in the landscape industry, Zhuo has specialties in garden design, modeling and visual rendering.

Maintenance Team

Sam Hummel

Property Maintenance Crew member

Sam is our resident garden expert and master of all things do-it-yourself. Sam has been with us for three years now, providing a reliable and consistent service.

Tristan Collins

Property Maintenance Crew member

Tristan is a young landscape technician with a promising future. He's looking forward to learning all facets of landscaping and will one day be an established and successful landscape designer!

Enhancement Team

Mike Everette

Enhancement Team Crew Member

A tenaciously driven landscape technician with the uncanny ability to fix just about anything he can get his hands on. He brings a wealth of knowledge of agricultural and construction practice's that complement and streamline our enhancement services. Mike has been a valued employee with us for 3 years.

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