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Menu of Services


  • Weekly Maintenance Programs
  • Property Clean Up
  • Lawn Mowing
  • Gardening 
  • Pruning & Hedge Trimming
  • Spring Clean Ups
  • Sodding 
  • Mulching
  • Top Dress and Seeding
  • Snow Clearing & ice-melter
  • Other on call jobs
  • Eaves trough cleaning
  • Furniture moving
  • Fertilizing
  • Pressure washing patios, trim & siding
  • Garage & basement cleaning
  • Garbage & junk removal

Save Time

Save significant time and effort in taking care of every detail all year round. When landscape maintenance is scheduled and performed on a regular basis, commercial property managers acquire more time to spend on alternate business priorities and home owners can enjoy the outstanding scenery of their own property, with family and friends, minus the backbreaking effort.

Save Money

By securing a high-quality landscape maintenance team to regularly care for your lawn in addition to landscaping your gardens and trees, you reduce future landscape expenses by keeping your property in optimal health. A healthy and vibrant property means that you are less likely to incur further costs by avoiding the costly removal and replacement of dead grass, unkept and overgrown gardens, as well as untrimmed and unstable trees.

Protect Value

Professional landscape maintenance results in the protection of property values and an increase in aesthetic value. In our volatile economy, asset protection is key to business longevity and family financial planning. Therefore, protecting your valuable property investment can easily be achieved through consistent landscape maintenance.

Peace Of Mind

Liability insurance will cover any property damage or injuries incurred while working on your property. And WSIB insurance is workers’ compensation, which ensures the injured worker is paid and medical expenses are covered no matter who was at fault.  Enjoy the peace of mind. We are full insured.

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